Differences between 4G and 5G

Difference between 4G and 5G
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If we want to understand differences between 4G and 5G we need some information about history of communucation technologies.

In the 1980s first generation mobile communucation technology 1G was appeared, since that day the industry of mobile communication improved day by day.

The last improvement on mobile communication technology 5G is much-ballyhooed one, because of features of 5G solves a lot of complicated problems, such as; Low Latency, Faster Download Speed, Greater Capacity etc. In this we will explain differences between 4G and 5G,

What is the difference of 5G

  • Low Latency
  • Faster Download Speed
  • Greater Capacity

Low Latency

5g low latency
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It is expected that 5G will provide Gb/s data speeds. This would mean things that currently take minutes to download would only take seconds. Even more important will be the ability to support higher download speeds for many more concurrent users in the same place. This will lead to a more predictable and consistent performance.

Here is some possible powered fields of low latency 5G

  • Remote surgery
  • Autonomous driving
  • Machine to Machine communucation
  • Smart city management

Faster Download Speed

5g faster download
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5G can support significantly lower latency, where appropriate, meaning very little lag, or buffering. This could enable mobile applications that simply aren’t possible today, such as multiplayer gaming, factory automation and other tasks that demand quick responses.


Greater Capacity

5G will also have vastly greater capacity, allowing networks to better cope with not only the rapidly increasing data demands of customers today, but also the growth of high-demand applications being planned in the future.

Comparison 4G and 5G

Speed100 Mbps10 Gbps
Latency53.1 milliseconds (ms)10 milliseconds (ms)
Bandwidth5-20 MHz100 MHz

Finally in this article we are explained differences between 4g and 5g i hope this article would be helpful for you. Thanks for reading please share this article on your social media accounts. 🙂

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