The Future Of Technology

Artificial Intelligence, smart home, virtual reality, block chain we are hear all this terms in our daily life also sometimes we use them, but what we will hear in the future about technology.

Future of technology is very complicated but there is some light for us, to guess future of technology let’s talk about. I created a list in bellow for you. Enjoy it 🙂

Future of AI

Some companies and organizations find a way to use Artificial Intelligence as advantage, such as; understanding customers behaviors, optimizing operations, and more AI based applications.

But some companies didn’t adapted AI yet there are still barriers, therefore Deloitte surveyed executives about their companies sentiment for AI.

Survey shows 43% of survey respondents say’s AI will transform our industry in 1-3 years and 36% of them say’s AI will transform our industry in 1-3 years.

Future Of Space Tourism

I think we are all boring to visiting Italy,France,China and the other touristic countries, hopefully in the future we can go to so far in the our world.


Currently some private companies can go to space but its not available community yet also it can be very expensive in first 10 years but if it will be common then maybe will be available for everyone.

Some Private Space Companies

Company NameCountryFounding Date
Blue OriginUSA2000
Virgina GalacticUK2004

List can be more longer but we listed only 9 private space company in above.

Future Of Social Media


Recently we wrote an article about Comparing Social Media in that article we describe total social media users in world as 3.8 billion, but in the future this will be more than 3.8 billion, therefore the power of social media will be boosted.

Video content is very popular currently for digital marketing or advertising in the future video as a marketing channel for social media will become very popular.

Future Of Social Media Marketing

Although most of us using social media for fun, but social media platforms are great marketplace for brands.

If you want to more information about social media marketing, you can read our Comparing Social Media Platforms article.

Future Of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the future technology, also in nowadays popularity growing up, currently usage area of virtual reality is gaming but in the future probably you will see virtual reality in everywhere.

Research firm IDC forecast in November 2019, that worldwide spending on Virtual reality and Augmented reality is on track to reach $18.8 billion this year, just in US 52 million of community use VR.

VR probably will accelerate with 5G, because of high bandwidth and low latency of 5G will powered virtual reality usage area

Some Virtual Reality Usage Areas

  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Architecture
  • Marketing

Future Of Smart Cities

Aerial View of Chicago Skyline at Night

Our world growing up rapidly, for example; UNICEF estimates that at least 130 million babies are born each year, which is so much, therefore managing of cities getting harder,

So what is the solution ? If your answer is tech, you are right 🙂

Technology growing up like our world, approximately every day we are hear a new kind of technology which help to us in daily life. Smart city technologies is one of them.

Popular Smart City Technologies

  • Transportation
  • Big Data
  • Energy
  • Analysis of behaviors with sensors
  • Internet of things
  • 5G Connectivity
  • Lighting

According to list on above we can give some examples about smart cities.

  • Mexico city: Sensors detect earthquakes, giving residents 90 seconds to evacuate.
  • Hong Kong: 47 buildings connected to produce light and music shows every night
  • Copenhagen: Road sensors detect approaching cyclists and switch traffic signal to green

Finally in this post we took a look The Future Of Technology, that was a very instructive to me i hope you fell same.

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